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Angel Water, EcoWater, and Costco

An Alliance for Cleaner Water!

When Angel Water was founded 42 years ago, it was quite different from the company you know today. Back then, Angel Water wasn’t Angel Water but rather Angel Soft Water, a small family-owned enterprise in the business of selling and installing water softeners. Now, we’re still a proudly independent family-owned company, but we do so much more than water softeners. In the 42 years we’ve been in business we’ve expanded to cover the full gamut of water systems and equipment and dominate the home water treatment industry in the Chicagoland area.

We evolved in response to the change going on around us. As surrounding populations grew, not only did the water demands grow but so did the amount of waste being produced. More waste means more contaminants in the water, and so as the years went by the need for water treatment services became ever more pressing.

This also coincided with the emergence of a newfound understanding of the vital role that water quality plays in human health. As Americans came to recognize that the proverbial “fountain of youth” was spurting out of the tap right in their kitchens, they started to regard water treatment with greater importance and to demand cleaner water.


Licensed Plumbers with the Illinois Department of Public Health

Our company now consists of a team of technicians and plumbers, each of which is qualified and experienced in performing maintenance and installation of a wide variety of equipment, including chlorinators, reverse osmosis systems, and ozone systems, with variants based on point of use, filtration capacity, and more. Whether you need a whole-house system with a water conditioner and filtration system, or if you still just need a water softener, our staff are the go-to professionals for the job.

EcoWater - Pioneers of Water Treatment

The birth of EcoWater® was the birth of the home water treatment industry as a whole. EcoWater®’s founder, Lynn G Lindsay Sr., patented the first automatic water softener in 1925. He then started the first residential water softener manufacturer in 1940 under the name of Lindsay Co. The dealer business sprang out of Lindsay Co., the demand for home water softening received an outlet, and the way Americans interact with water was forever pushed in a new direction.

That’s far from EcoWater®’s only claim to fame in the water treatment industry—for almost 90 years from that first patent to this very day, EcoWater® has stayed on the cutting edge. EcoWater® pioneered innovations including automated softener regeneration with the first electro-mechanical timer, the first softener capable of also removing excess iron, the first microprocessor-controlled system, the first use of solid-state electronics to control home water treatment products, and the first systems to provide users with diagnostic information by phone.

The company was able to accomplish all these and other innovations by committing to invest in research and development. Though company ownership changed hands, with the three brands owned by Lindsay merging into EcoWater® in 1988, the driving principle of continuous improvement remained constant. That’s why when it came under the ownership of Warren Buffet, it found itself in just the right hands.

Buffett’s commitment to putting in whatever it takes to make a company stand out allowed not only for the continuation of EcoWater®’s focus on research and development, but also for EcoWater® to commit to getting their products certified. Unlike many competitors, EcoWater®’s products are certified by the NSF, an internationally respected certification organization. Going through this rigorous process proves that the claims EcoWater® makes are independently verified.

The water treatment market is full of cheap products made in countries such as China that don’t have the well-enforced regulations that the U.S. has. These products often don’t live up to the bold claims in their marketing materials. In such an environment, EcoWater®’s high-quality, American-made, independently-certified products stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Partnering for Purer Water

It was these qualities that led Angel Water to EcoWater®. About four years ago, we at Angel Water were on a quest—seeking out manufacturers that supply the highest-quality products so that we can set our customers up with the right equipment. EcoWater®’s products were simply the best.

At around the same time, Costco happened to be on a similar quest, seeking the best water treatment products with which to stock its stores. They, too, discovered EcoWater®, but ran into a problem.

Standard filtration products you find in many stores can’t filter out all of the contaminants that may be in your water. For the most part, they consist of simple activated carbon filters that don’t do much more than remove chlorine. They leave in all the other dangerous substances like lead, mercury, and chromium-6.

While it’s easy to rule out the products that won’t work for you, figuring out what product will work for your home is far more difficult. You have to consider your existing water quality based on testing results, your average water usage, your layout, and more. Sorting through what type of system is appropriate requires a keen understanding of both the industry and the science of how they work—something which the average consumer or Costco employee can’t be expected to have.

As a result, Costco faced the challenge of trying to convey to customers why a simple cheap filter won’t do the job, and of guiding them through the process of choosing a system that does suit their situation. Without expertise, these high-quality EcoWater® systems weren’t going to sell.

Luckily, EcoWater® had just met Angel Water, and brought its two new partners together to form a three-part alliance. By placing trained, experienced professionals with intimate knowledge of both plumbing and water chemistry into the home services department of Costco stores, Angel Water was able to bring the expertise that was needed.

Now, while Angel Water is free to sell and install any product, we’re proud to proclaim that we are a licensed EcoWater® dealer, as well as a Costco partner. By selling EcoWater® products directly to Costco customers, we’re reaching a broader base of people who deserve clean water.

EcoWater® supplies the product, Angel Water supplies the expertise, and Costco supplies the platform. Together, this alliance is committed to providing you better, cleaner water—and a better, safer home.

EcoWater has a wide range of products to fit your water prufication needs!

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