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Water Softeners

What Can a Water Softener Do For Me?

If you’ve noticed stains on your sink, bathtub, dishes, or laundry, or if you’ve experienced dry, itchy skin and frizzy hair, you may have hard water in your home. When that’s the case, a water softener from EcoWater® is just the solution you need. Have a look at some of our models:

Ecowater Water Softeners

Where Performance Meets Automation



  • Smart Valve Technology
  • Certified Radium Reduction
  • Predictive Water Usage
  • Built to NSF Standards
  • Use Up To 20% Less Salt
  • 10 Year Warranty



  • Use 45% Less Salt
  • Certified Radium Reduction
  • Up-flow Technology
  • Built to NSF Standards
  • 10 Year Warranty



  • Use Up To 65% Less Salt
  • Smart Valve Technology
  • Advanced Salt Dosing
  • Certified Radium Reduction
  • Chlorine & Chloramine Reduction
  • Built to NSF Standards
  • Remote Control
  • 10 Year Warranty

Hard water occurs when water mixes with minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, limestone, and lead. Water naturally collects these minerals as it passes through water cycles, and as a result almost all water in the U.S. begins as hard water.

Since hardness isn’t considered that serious of an issue by municipalities, your local water treatment plant probably doesn’t soften your water. An EcoWater® water softener will make up for that and eliminate the problems hard water causes, resulting in more pleasant water.

Water softeners remove contaminants like calcium, magnesium, barium, and radium. Installing a water softener will improve your water for drinking and eliminate water stains. Not only that, but the prevention of dry skin and hair will reduce the money you spend on skincare and haircare products. The reduction in mineral buildup in water-using appliances also results in longer life expectancies for your laundry machine, dishwasher, coffeemaker, humidifier, water heater, and overall plumbing system.

We stand behind the value of our water softeners and their ability to efficiently provide you with softer water for a better life. That’s why they even come with a 10-year warranty, so that no matter what, you’ll enjoy the benefit of soft water for years to come.

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