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Whole House Water Purification Systems

There are a wide variety of issues that you could have with your water, from hardness caused by mineral deposits, to turbidity (suspended dirt), to bad tastes and smells (chlorine odor). In addition to that, your water might also contain invisible threats, such as lead or chromium-6. If you’re getting water with an unusual taste, smell, or appearance, then the water needs to be tested and the problem needs to be addressed at every faucet in your home.

And while it might be tempting to try to simply patch one issue at a time, this piecemeal approach leaves you with a less efficient system and costs you more in the long run.

The solution? Luckily for you, Angel Water is an authorized EcoWater dealer. A state-of-the-art EcoWater whole home water filtration system can address all your needs and provide healthy, pure water throughout your entire home.

Ecowater Whole House Water Filters

Custom-Fit to Meet Your Family’s Needs

PurAclear Platinum-CL2


  • Municipal style water treatment
  • Kills ALL Bacteria
  • Patent Pending Dosing Technology
  • Lifetime Filter Warranty
  • Digital System Contol
  • Eliminates Odor
  • Removes Iron and Sulphur
  • Lifetime Filter Warranty
  • 3 Years of Free Soap



  • Municipal style water treatment
  • Kills ALL Bacteria
  • Patent Pending Dosing Technology
  • Digital System Contol
  • Eliminates Odor
  • Removes Iron and Sulphur
  • 10 Year Tank Warranty



  • Chlorine & Chloramine Reduction
  • Smart valve technology
  • Built to NSF standards
  • Electronic timer controls
  • Self cleaning distributors
  • 10 Year Warranty



  • Chemical Free Ozone Treatment
  • Removes iron Bacteria
  • Eliminates foul odor
  • Eliminate Iron and Sulphur
  • 3 Years of Free Soap
  • 10 year tank warranty

What Makes a Whole Home Water Purification System?

An EcoWater whole home water system is comprised of two main parts—a water conditioner (either a softener or a refiner), and a water treatment system. These systems are customized to suit the needs of your home, whether you get private well water, are hooked up to the municipal water supply, or have water restrictions in place where you live.

A water softener (LINK) works by removing mineral deposits, which reducing residue on laundry and dishware and also improves energy consumption by preventing scale buildup in your pipes.

ecowater-whole-house-water-filtration-systemsA water refiner provides that same water softening, but also removes the unpleasant taste and odor that municipal chlorination often leaves in the water. They come in both single-tank and double-tank variants, the former of which takes up less space but the latter of which provides more options for hard water capacity.

Water treatment systems also come in several different designs, namely reverse osmosis, chlorine injection, and ozone injection systems.

Chlorine injection systems are for homes that rely on well water, and are similar to the process that municipalities use to disinfect their water supply. Chlorine is added to the water to eliminate bacteria, iron, and bad smells from your water, protecting your family from waterborne illness that can be found in untreated well water.

However, you don’t want the chlorine staying in your water after it’s done its job. Reverse osmosis systems use pressure to force water through filters made up of semi-permeable membranes, which let the water through while trapping and flushing dissolved solids that were in the water. This helps you remove chlorine and other substances from your city water.

Finally, the Angel Ozone Injection System is our newest water treatment system that we’ve been having great success with. Using ozone, this system oxidizes the water, eliminating iron, sulfur, and organics to provide highly desirable water.

So for those who are tired of smelling like chlorine after a shower, or have experienced dry itchy skin and are concerned about water pollution, the ERR 3502 is the solution for delivering clean and healthy water to every faucet and shower. These filtration systems are specifically designed to remove chlorine and ammonia disinfectants from city water, as well as reduce exposure to lead from old city water mains.

This is the ultimate in ensuring your home has safe and clean water at all times, and we stand by these products. That why we even offer a 1-year labor warranty and 10-year warranty on major parts for all of our filters. We’re confident in these filters—just like you’ll be confident in your water.

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